I research different essential oil companies for over three years before settling on Essante Organics, Certified Organic Essential Oils.  You can see by their quality commitment standards why I felt this was the best choice for our family and for my clients. 

Quality Commitment

What we stand For: Essanté Organics' holds the highest sourcing and selection standards. We promote the importance of using 100% certified, raw, organic, wild crafted, non-GMO, Toxic Free, and alkaline ingredients and ecologically sound harvesting practices. We validate our ingredients and products through independent, 3rd party certifiers. If an ingredient does not pass our strict criteria, at any stage, from the agricultural level to the final inspection process, it is rejected. Once each ingredient is approved the end result is a superior, pure, safe and highly effective product. Our products do not harm people, animals or the planet. We guarantee you will be extremely proud of every product we produce. The end result is always a product people are both compelled to use & promote, because not to use and promote the health benefits (below) would cause harm.

Organic Ingredient vs. Organic Product Certifications: Most organic certifications are issued per ingredient. Some organic certifications are issued per product (these are displayed on the product label) including: the USDA Organic Certification, Clemson University Organic Certification, Vermont Organic Farmers Certification, the ToxicFree Certification and others. Enjoy the details on our both our ingredient and product certifications:

Essanté Organics Therapeutic Essential Oils are certified by the strict standards of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). We proudly display the USDA Organic Seal on all products that are certified by the USDA.

Essanté Organics follows strict organic ingredient labeling laws. When space permits, each product's ingredient label will state the word "organic" preceding each certified organic ingredient. When label space is limited the ingredient label will show an * next to each certified organic ingredient. Ingredients without an * or the word "organic" are wild crafted (see below).

Essanté Organics ingredients are verified by additional, reputable 3rd party certifiers in addition to the USDA, including the QAI, EcoCert, Clemson University Organic Seal, Vermont Organic Farmers Seal, etc. 3rd party certification companies, including the ones listed here, set the benchmark in organic standards worldwide. They specialize in the inspection of organic agricultural ingredients & products as well as environmentally sustainable agricultural methods. Most certifications are granted per ingredient, yet some products are also certified organic, and you will see one of these seals on the product label. Using reputable 3rd party certifiers allows us to be monitored ethically. We do not use the common practice of creating a self-serving, in-house "certification" process because "self-regulation" is not a valid method of certification.

Essanté Organics uses wild crafted ingredients and harvesting methods. Wildcrafting is the sustainable practice of respectfully harvesting uncultivated plants from their natural and "wild" habitat for medicinal purposes. Only the fruits, flowers or branches are harvested leaving living plants intact. If it is necessary to harvest a full plant, organic seeds are planted in the empty hole from which the plant is removed. Essanté Organics abides by all ethical wildcrafting criteria including: protecting all endangered and indigenous species (both animal and plant), positively identifying the plant, collecting at the proper time of day and growing phase, never "ringing" trees if borrowing bark, never collecting more than 15% of the species in any given area, never collecting more than will be used, leaving the area undisturbed without damaging other plants or the earth, always leaving the youngest and oldest plants to ensure sustainability, never collecting in areas near or downstream from pesticide use or livestock, testing for zero toxins and immediately processing the complete harvest.

Essanté Organics Leaves A Green Footprint™. We are an eco-friendly company. We use ecologically responsible farming and harvesting practices (see below). All ingredients are 100% free of synthetic toxins. The majority of our corporate systems are paperless and we recycle. Our products are packaged in safe containers made of glass or metal or recyclable, DEA-free (no Diethanolamine), #1 or #2 plastic. Our shipping department uses 100% biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water. Kids love to put our peanuts in the bathtub and watch them disappear! And the majority of our marketing materials are made with recycled paper. We are committed to leaving less landfill mass and more blazing trails of green footprints!

Farming Practices

Essanté Organics practices no-till organic farming: No-till farming is a way of sustainably growing crops without disturbing the soil through tillage. No-till farming increases the retention of nutrients, water and organic matter within the soil, while decreasing airborne dust and damaging greenhouse gases. It is known for reducing or eliminating soil erosion, improving global cooling and the soil’s biological fertility. No-till farming allows our farmers to be more efficient while leaving a greener footprint. Studies show no-till farming is not only eco-friendly, it can be more profitable too, by reducing labor, fuel, irrigation and machinery costs (so spread the word). We also harvest at proper times (see wild crafting above and distillation below).

Essanté Organics does not accept or use GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organisms). There are no long term studies to indicate the safety or efficacy of GMOs.

Essanté Organics does not use herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. These hazardous chemicals are scientifically proven to cause cumulative and serious environmental harm, and transfer from the crop to the consumer causing disease. Did you know ladybugs are used as a natural pesticide? They eat the critters that eat crops and are what we like to call a biological defense system.

Essanté Organics does not use chemicals, preservatives, synthetics, artificial colors, artificial flavors or fillers of any kind, because your body can't process them. They can accumulate and cause neurotoxicity. Essanté Organics ensures everyone will "Enjoy The Good" and "Avoid The Bad". A company's moral fabric is measured by one thing: their ingredient deck.

Essanté Organics does not pasteurize or flash pasteurize ingredients. Both processes require excessive heat proven to degrade the nutrient value and efficacy of ingredients. Essanté Organics does not pasteurize, flash pasteurize or use high heat to create any product. This commitment carries through to our Essential Oil line as well. It's important to differentiate between Essanté Organics therapeutic Essential Oils vs. other Essential Oils taken by mouth. Any oil stating it can be consumed, by FDA law, must be high heat distilled 3 times, making it a FOOD grade flavoring, yet it is depleted of most nutrient value. Essanté Organics does not condone high heat redistilling because this over-processing method is proven to degrade the therapeutic benefit of the oil. A company that offers true therapeutic essential oils, that are not ultra high heat pasteurized cannot legally state "for consumption", as they can be in violation of the FDA. Essanté Organics follows science: it is proven that USDA Organic therapeutic essential oils are superiorly effective and deliver greater therapeutic benefit when diffused. There are no scientific studies validating the consumption of high heat redistilled essential oils also known as food grade flavorings.

Distillation Method

Essanté Organics' master distillers use cold press or low pressure and low temperature vertical steam distillation to distill all essential oils with pristine purified water. This ancient method uses steam to open the cellular oil membrane pockets of the organically grown, freshly harvested plant material. This method is the best way to produce the finest essential oils in the world because it is proven to protect the therapeutic benefits. This method also ensures no overheating occurs. Expert attention is given to plant selection, harvest time, proper pH, distillation time, and temperature, thus ensuring the potency and efficacy of each certified organic essential oil. Our ingredients are sourced from their indigenous global region, to ensure the highest efficacy and potency possible. We also uses the highest quality, non-reactive metal cooking chambers in the world, stainless steel, during distillation, because stainless steel is the only metal that minimizes adulteration (the changing) of essential oils. Other metals, including copper and aluminum, are known to degrade the therapeutic value of essential oils. We use 3 methods of vertical steam distillation depending on which is best for a particular essential oil:

1. Water Distillation is where the organic plant material is placed in purified boiling water to open the oil membranes of the plant. The steam and oils then separate, and the separated oil that emerges is captured. Clove Bud essential oil is distilled in this way.

2. Water / Steam Distillation is where steam and water are sent through the plant material to open the oil membranes of the plant, then the oil that emerges is captured. Nutmeg essential oil is distilled in this way.

3. Straight Steam Distillation is where only steam is sent through the plant material to open the oil membranes of the plant. The oil that emerges is captured. Lavender essential oil is distilled in this way.

We never re-distill plant material (some companies re-distill the same plant material up to 4 times producing weak oil). We never high heat or triple heat pasteurize our essential oils (this is required to turn therapeutic oils into consumable food-grade oils – you cannot have both per the FDA). If you see an essential oil that is marked for consumption, per the FDA, it has been triple heat pasteurized or the company can be in violation of FDA law.

*Please read all labels for organic ingredients and nut extracts.

Essanté Organics USDA Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils are pharmaceutical quality. Our standardized certification process uses Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). This quantifiable testing equipment ensures pharmaceutical grade essential oils. In addition all ingredients, within each product are supplied at the clinical study dosage. These processes ensure superior performance and efficacy. We only allow 100% certified USDA organic plant material. We insist on reputable 3rd party certification of our essential oils and each organic certification seal is provided by the USDA. Companies that allow “self-testing” or “self-regulation” or who create their own internal certification process are governing themselves without being held accountable. We never add any additives or solvents or carrier oils to our straight USDA organic therapeutic oils. Adding anything to an essential oil degrades or changes the oil and, worse, it only serves to dilute the oil, thus creating more profit for the manufacturer. If you see an essential oil that is marked for consumption, per the FDA, it has been triple heat pasteurized or the company can be in violation of FDA law.

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