Fig, Avocado and Brie Grill Cheese Sandwich

Prep Time

5 minutes

Prep Notes

wash and dry spinach

slice figs into thin slices

slice avocado in half, remove pit and slice avocado and remove from peal

Cooking Time

Grill 2-3 minutes at low-medium heat per side




4 slices of sourdough bread

1 Avocado, Sliced

4 Figs, sliced 

1 cup of spinach

Enough brie to cover 1 slice of bread for each sandwich or 2 slices of your favourite cheese if brie isn`t your favourite (1 slice per sandwich)

Balsamic Vinegar Reduction


cover one slice of bread with brie (or slice of your favourite cheese), small handful of fresh spinach, slices of avocado from 1/2 an avocado, and 2 figs. 

Drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction. 

Top with other half of sourdough bread and lightly spread grassfed butter on the top side. 

Heat grill or cast iron pan to low/medium heat.  Add in a tablespoon of Ghee or Grassfed unsalted butter and allow to melt. 

Add your sandwich butter side up to the pan.  (the melted butter in the pan will take care of the non-buttered side).

Grill for 2-3 minutes on low-medium heat, allowing bread to brown and cheese to melt - keep an eye on the bread that the temp isn`t to hot and does not burn your bread.  

Once bread is browned and cheese has melted, flip your sandwich and grill the other side until lightly browned. 

Remove from stove, place on plate, but and enjoy! 


Serve with our Summer Spinach Salad on the side for an extra hearty meal!